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Welcome to N2E Coding Club!

We are a student run club at Rutgers - New Brunswick with a goal of promoting interest in coding with different programming languages, and providing programming workshops and events for programmers in novice to expert levels! We believe that our club members need hands-on experience and one-on-one interaction with peers to learn effectively. This semester, we have decided to offer workshops in these four programming languages: Python, C++, Java and Matlab. Each language is divided into workshops which will be 1 hour each. We want to keep the overhead low for both the instructors and the participants so that the club’s activities are manageable by students with full-time course load.

Key Highlights

  • Small groups: For this semester we are limiting each workshop session to 5 students to make them interactive. We will have multiple sessions of each topic every week, so that all the participants get a chance to learn and teach.
  • Emphasis on hands-on programming: Instead of a lecture style workshop, each concept is explained using a program. We recommend that students bring their own laptops and code along with the instructor. We believe that if you know how to code, you can talk about it without slides and use a board to explain the main points.
  • Graduate students: Students have an option to talk about their research and teach a concept using programming. For example, one could talk about machine learning in context of her/his research and present a small code snippet for a very simple machine learning task.

Our Purpose

  • Organize weekly workshops in programming languages of interest to undergraduate and graduate students in Rutgers University.
  • Present workshops in small modules with emphasis on hands-on programming where students code along with the workshop instructors.
  • Provide activities for interaction between graduate and undergraduate students by organizing graduate seminars and using programming as the medium.
  • Encourage women and minorities to take leadership roles as workshop instructors.

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